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Regents Park FC

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Regents Park FC are one of the largest grass-roots football clubs in London, boasting over 400 members, White Feather Designs were approached by its Chairman, John McCulloch, to produce a system that could manage all aspects of the club, an APP for parents and an APP for coaches.

The Challenges

When White Feather Designs originally got involved with Regents Park Football Club, they were a modest-size club with approximately 200 registered members. Even at that size, the club faced a number of day-to-day challenges with the management of the club.


Age Groups

Each term, the club receives hundreds of registration forms, from which members are put into teams based on their age. These were then entered manually into Excel and was proving to be a massive and lengthy undertake.


Collecting Subs

As with all grass root clubs, Regents Park FC survive on subscriptions. These are based on the number of classes they register for. With over 200 members, managing classes is hard enough, but trying to collect subscriptions was a huge task.


Class Numbers

Planning and preparing classes is what Regents Park FC is all about. Making sure there are the correct facilities and the correct number of staff members. This means knowing how many kids will be turning up for training each time.


The Solution

After extensive research and strategy meetings with, John McCulloch and the club's coaches, we were able to collectively identify what was required.

Two native mobile apps for iOS and Android were developed, one for parents, one for coaches, that seamlessly integrate with a Management CRM and Booking API developed by White Feather Designs.

This enables parents to book classes and trials through a simple online application form, which automatically calculates a player's age group.

Parents can then select the classes and days they want to book and choose to pay by term or for the whole year. Our solution not only allows Regents Park FC to sign up new members quickly and efficiently, it provides invaluable insight into numbers and customer behaviour. This in turn enables the team at White Feather Designs to constantly evolve the system to make it as smooth an operation as possible.


The coach and parent APPs have been designed to seemlessly integrate into the CRM so that information can be exchanged between all devices. Coaches can create and schedule practices and games for all teams with automated notifications.

Parents can then reply, which allows staff and coaches to know exactly how many participants there will be at matches and training sessions. Attendance registers are created by the coaches using their APP, and this in turn feeds the CRM.

Management. Reports are then created by the information submitted by the apps.

The coaches' APP also has a great feature for them to manage matches. They can create formations, rotations and pick teams by draggingplayers pictures onto a pitch. On match days the coaches can press play, and rotations and substitutions are automatically managed.

The Results

Since the launch, subscriptions have more than doubled. Customers are now able to book and pay for classes via web and APP. Members can be managed through the CRM, resulting in a greater volume being processed, and increased revenue.

Payments are collected immediately via an online payment gateway, Stripe or GoCardless.

Existing subscriptions are sent automatic emails and or notification reminders.

"Our online platform enables us to not only accept new trialists and registrations, but also manage over 300 members. Collecting fees is quick and easy and enables us to manage all aspects of the club. Parents love their APP as do the coaches. WFDL have been and continue to be a Godsend."

John McCulloch

Chairman and Founder,
Regents Park Football Club